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Since 1970, the Performance Warehouse Association has been a vital asset to automotive parts distributors and companies that sell into distribution.  I am proud to announce PWA’s next chapter as the Custom Automotive Network (CAN).  The Custom Automotive Network will continue championing the automotive distribution chain.  Remaining committed to growing members’ businesses and promoting networking opportunities beyond the traditional performance market.

This debut issue of The Supply Channel continues the mission of PWA’s Newsline magazine. It provides an in-depth introduction to this exciting next chapter. Please take a few minutes and read about the brand review process, what CAN remains committed to and feedback members have shared about this change.

Tracie Nunez
President | Custom Automotive Network
Formerly Performance Warehouse Association

Custom is another word for you.

Every car and truck enthusiast should be able to mold their vehicle into an extension of themselves. To push the boundaries of what their vehicle can do. That’s the belief that underpins the entire custom auto parts market. And it’s how our members view their businesses: defining success in their own way, and seeking out any opportunity that helps them make their mark.

CAN is the responsive professional network dedicated to the resellers and manufacturers that turn cars and trucks into personal quests for perfection. Our annual executive conference is known as the real deal, because that’s what happens there. Our emphasis on future learning helps our whole sector meet new challenges, from e-commerce to a shifting customer base. And our online dealer locater and job board introduce new customers and employees to members, growing business for the long haul.

When conditions change, good drivers adapt. Smart businesses do the same. CAN connects the makers and sellers of the next big things in automotive to their next big win. Together, we’ll inspire the next generation of enthusiasts to take their individuality out on the road. Together we make automotive awesome.

Special Issue: March 2017

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