Distributors, Manufacturers, Sales Reps, Service Providers and Media are invited to become members.

CAN Member Benefits

Distributor Membership

Be an active, voting member of CAN, the only automotive industry association fully devoted to the performance and truck distributors.  Serve on the Board of Directors and direct the association's agenda and purpose.  
Benefits include:
 - connect with manufacturers 
 - access the jobber directory 
 - learn about current issues


Manufacturer Membership

Manufacturer members are able to attend CAN Connect. Members enjoy many benefits including:
 - meeting industry distributors 
 - access jobber directory 
 - using dealer locator on website
 - market within The Supply Chain

Sales Rep Membership

Sales Representatives benefit from being involved in CAN and attending CAN Connect. Further benefits include:  
- meet with industry partners   
- market within The Supply Chain 
learn about industry issues  
- access jobber directory