This online learning platform is designed to help CAN manufacturers share relevant product trainings with resellers, jobbers and other members.
  • All members have a private group for internal-only training. 

  • Easily access through CAN member account login.

  • Create courses using the integrated course builder

  • Utilize webpages, videos, Smarter Games (interactive), quizzes and more. 

  • User activity can be monitored and reported on.

  • Enhances the service and knowledge of our industry professionals.

  • Manufacturers can create group specific lessons for resellers, jobbers, and other members.

CAN Learning FAQ
(Adobe PDF File)
Why Online Training?
  • Schedule trainings on your own time 
  • Take trainings from the comfort of your own desk
  • Keep your partners updated by creating courses  that will help to sell your products 
  • Save money and time by not having to travel
  • Keep call centers open 
 Getting Started 
In order to make the sign-in process as seamless as possible, we have integrated with single sign-on technology. This means that you can easily access CAN Learning directly through your member account. 
Have a Question?
We want to ensure that you have a great  experience using CAN Learning. Read through the FAQ’s to learn more. If you have questions, please let us know.